Monday, July 30, 2012

People Really are Moving and Living 365fitt

I'm going to start showing pictures of what I see. People in Chicago today are moving. These 3 women were joined by a man today for their daily routine. I see them there every Monday at 7:45 stretching and moving their bodies and talking to each other. In a study of cultures of people who lived the longest lives the common traits included low intensity aerobic exercise, meditation, social network/family, gardening, and a vegetable driven diet, among a couple other things.

Another woman, jogging down the path looks great and I'll bet she feels wonderful for her effort.

What do you see everyday? Take a good look especially at those around you (family and friends). Are those people 365fitt? Healthy? Happy? Having fun living life?

I wish everyone more activity for yourself and those around you. Offer to help those that need a motivational boost. Of course if they need more help just give me a call or send me an email. Let's do it!

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  1. So today in Chicago, I did my 365fitt activity (I rode my mountain bike along the lakefront and walked 30 minutes to do an errand). I spotted all kinds of healthy individuals living 365fitt:
    *An older couple biking
    *Two older women cycling
    *An over 70 man rollerblading
    *A dad riding alongside his daughter
    *A plus size woman riding with her daughter
    *Tennis courts packed with all ages
    *People of all ages on the golf course
    *Several dozen sailboats on the lake
    *Kids playing soccer
    *A lady riding her bike to (from) yoga
    *Another woman rollerblading (this sport is coming back)
    *A mom and her son on skateboards
    *Scores of runners, walkers and cyclists of all ages, all shapes and sizes, all colors, all fitness abilities.

    Here's to everyone who got out today to live LIFE!