Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Feet Hurt

In June 2010 i noticed my feet hurt. I was thinking it was arthritis. Stiff first thing in the morning but better as the day went on. I ignored it because, after all, if it was arthritis there really wasn't anything I could do.

Then in December 2010 I decided to see the podiatrist. I thought that X-rays would for sure show arthritis. Boy was I wrong. The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis: an inflammation of the fascia that runs along the bottom of the foot from pad to heel. The prescription was orthotics, stretching and rest. So I got a pair of custom orthotics and did my exercises. I taught lots of yoga and Pilates in my job so thought that was good for my feet with all the extra stretching and strengthening. By the way I did no running no swimming and only limited cycling. I was taking walks to maintain my fitness.

I then tried physical therapy. Taping, ultrasound, graston. Everything Thinking my stretching was too aggressive we (my podiatrist and I) went with no stretching no strengthening and lots of rest. I taught classes w shoes on and didn't do the exercises with the classes. I went through 3 rounds of cortisone shots in my feet over the course of the next year in connection with the physical therapy but the pain always returned.

I finally talked to my podiatrist and said that my last chance before surgery was to do the exact opposite of everything I had tried to this point. Join the barefoot revolution! I figured that my feet were healthy when I was logging the miles for my marathons and ironman competitions ten years ago. What I needed to do was to get back to running hardcore again. But my feet just hurt too much to actually run again so I just opted for minimus shoes.

Fast forward another 8 months. It's been over 2 years and my feet are killing me. Every morning and every minute of every day they hurt. They hurt a lot. I'm seeing another specialist tomorrow. Surgery or shock wave therapy? I'm not optimistic.

However my point is not to whine about my feet but to say that you just have to move on. I'm swimming as regularly as possible. I'm gardening, taking long (and short) walks. I'm getting back on my bike. I can't (and dont) let this hold me back from enjoying life and or maintaining my fitness.

My hope for anyone out there with chronic pain or plantar fasciitis or anything else is to accept it for what it is. I'm not saying give up on a medical solution and I'm not saying not to listen to your doctor but I am saying that there are always creative solutions for everything. Got a broken foot? Pedal a stationary bike with one leg or do a core and arms workout. Have a shoulder issue? Do a legs and core workout. You get the point. Never give up! Stay active. Stay moving. Stay 365fitt!

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  1. It's been a week now since I saw the podiatrist in Chicago for plantar fascia issues and we decided on cortisone shots in both feet. After 1 week, they are decidedly about 80% better. The left heel is still tender when walking and putting pressure on it, however, I'll be waiting the next couple weeks to see if the shot takes care of that. I have a "gut" feeling that I'll need to do additional treatment in the left for sure, but time will tell.