Thursday, June 19, 2014

365fitt Announces New Program for Group Training

365fitt is proud to announce the roll-out of a new program; The 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts, 12-Week Program Guide for Group Programming.

The original 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts were created in February, 2013 with the purpose of providing a product for individuals who were short on time and wanted to incorporate shorter workouts into their busy day.  The 10-Minute Workouts include basic strength training and cardiovascular workouts, utilizing minimal equipment.  Read more about the 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts.

The 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts, 12-Week Program Guide for Group Programming was created with two purposes in mind:

  • To provide a program that compliments the Living 365fitt 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness, and
  • To provide programming to health clubs, corporate wellness, community and park districts, and schools that were interested in a turn-key program for general health and fitness.

As the Living 365fitt 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness was launched (November, 2013), it became apparent that coaches running the online program across the country could benefit by adding a "local element" at a local health club, since a participant's chances of success are greatly increased with additional points of contact with a coach.  Currently, the Living 365fitt, 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness has one point of contact through an online webinar series.  Adding a coordinating program at a local facility (club, community, corporation, school, etc.) once, twice, or three times a week, can add value to programming, increase revenue, and increase the participant's success rate. 

The 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts, 12-Week Program Guide was designed to be a turn-key product, that coaches, clubs, corporations, communities, park districts and even schools could utilize to bring a fitness program to their facility.  The Program Guide includes how to set up, market and run a successful 12-week program in five easy steps.  The guide includes examples of class formats; how to mix and match workouts for unlimited possibilities.  Included are five sample 12-week programs including modifications for beginner, intermediate and advanced participants.  These five sample programs include options to run a program 1, 2 or 3 days/week.  Repeating the program throughout the year can add substantial revenue to any facility or coaching business.

The 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts, 12-Week Program does not have to be run with the Living 365fitt, 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness.  While complimentary to each other, both programs stand alone.

A Great Deal!

The best part?  The 365fitt 10-Minute Workouts, 12-Week Program Guide costs only $29.99, and it's on sale now through the end of August, 2014 for only $17.99, a 40% discount!  For a nominal investment of $17.99, you and/or your facility has the ability to create unlimited programming and increase your revenue substantially.  Order yours today!  What do you have to lose?

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