Sunday, June 22, 2014

Podcast #2: Living 365fitt, Chapter Two, All About Habits with Anne Green

Changing your habits is hard.  

Kathy Kent, author of Living 365fitt, A 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness, talks to Anne Green, psychologist and co-author of The Roadmap, about why it's so hard to change our habits.  Anne calls it "steadiness" when it comes to making decisions.  Listen to the podcast, learn about steadiness, and start making healthier choices.

About The Roadmap, by Anne Green and Jason Lassner (available at

Crisis or Opportunity?  Many successful people are thwarted by habits they cannot change. These behavior problems run the gamut: weight loss, exercise, making a budget and sticking to it, stress and anger management, destructive relationship and communication patterns, and the list goes on.  In The Roadmap we meet one such woman named Jo, a 40-something wife, mother, and newly promoted sales manager as she confronts the harsh reality that she is a control freak (referred to in polite company as a “micromanager”). 

Willpower Is Never Enough  Jo’s predicament is familiar to many wise and otherwise happy adults. She can choose to pretend that her controlling ways don’t really cost her that much or figure out how to change them. Even if she really wants to change, just wanting to transform behavior and “Just doing it” are not solutions. The fact is that permanent behavior change remains a distant dream for well over 90% of those who try to achieve it. There must be another way, but how? 

Choosing the Road Less Traveled  Even before she fully grasps the challenge in front of her, a mysterious old leather book called The Roadmap finds its way into Jo’s hands. It describes a novel and non-prescriptive approach to lasting behavior change. Should she trust it? 
Deliberately taking a risk, Jo follows The Roadmap and learns to read the “road signs” on life’s highway. She successfully identifies the numerous situations where her current behavior pattern leads her off course. Is she in position to choose a different route to her behavior change “destination?” 

Fuel for the 21st Century  Instead of repeating her pattern and bulldozing the obstacles in her path, Jo discovers an alternative to willpower—a sustainable fuel called Steadiness—that anyone can learn. By practicing one Steadiness ingredient at a time she prepares for a trip that has the potential to permanently change her behavior. Could these be the keys to lasting habit change and lifelong freedom? 

Join Us  You are invited to come along for the ride as Jo faces true-to-life situations at work with her new salespeople, at home with her family, on the road with her fellow managers, and at the neighborhood park with her friends. Watching her navigate the twists and turns of an unfamiliar road might yield surprising benefits—the power to fuel your own story about lasting change!

    About the Authors  Jason B. Lassner and Anne Green are psychologists and business partners from Iowa. They each have over 20 years of experience helping others successfully change their behavior. In 2007 they faced their own behavior change crisis and had to choose between living with artificial limitations and charting a new path to permanent behavior change. Their eternal optimism and refusal to buy into quick fixes led to discovery and development of The Roadmap, which propelled them on a journey they never imagined.

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