Tuesday, February 18, 2014

365fitt Captiva Island 2014: The Best Trip Ever!

Who were the women of the 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Captiva Island, Florida?  

What do you see?  I see an amazing group of women.  

Each woman had their own reasons for attending the trip to Captiva.  For some, it was an opportunity to hang out with friends, a coach, or a sorority sister not seen in years.  For others, it was a difficult decision, not arrived at lightly, and only after very careful consideration.  

Some wrestled with the questions:  Is it okay to spend money on myself?  Is it okay to make myself a priority?

As women, we often have to put on a brave face; to ourselves, our family and the outside world.  We take care of others; our children, our mothers, our partners.  We put our needs second to those we love.  We create an imbalance.  We give, give, and give some more…until there's nothing left to give to ourselves.  And, when we do take time for ourselves, we are seen as selfish by some.  We feel guilty, because, in order to take time for ourselves, we must cut back on what we give others.

Tied in a knot of guilt, ends being pulled in opposite directions, a woman finds herself lacking in health; unfit, fatigued, and stressed.  It's not what she wants, yet she feels powerless to do anything about it.

We had one woman on our trip who spoke out against such "internal self-abuse".  It was finally time to give herself permission to do something for (and spend some money on) herself.  Guilt-free!  Women are not martyrs.  We are not supposed to give of ourselves until we are so depleted that we don't have anything left for ourselves.

Taking back your health should be a priority for all women, young mothers and empty nesters.  Because, if you don't have your health, how can you help others?

Just after the trip, one of my ladies sent out a picture with the following quote:

Girls compete with each other.  Women support each other.

That was pretty much the theme of our trip.  Each and every woman felt the warm hands and encouraging words of support from their fellow trip-mates.  Celebrated with high fives, hugs and smiles, each woman understood what a 365fitt Healthy Living Trip is all about:  Living the event called LIFE!

Perhaps, you'll join us next year?

Remember, all the recipes featured on our 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Captiva Island are available on my Pinterest page for easy reference.  I encourage you to try some of them.  We enjoyed them immensely.

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!

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