Tuesday, February 18, 2014

365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Captiva: Nutrition

Do You Know the Why's of Healthy Eating?

This is a follow up to the Living 365fitt Nutrition Philosophy.  Take a look at some of the great foods we ate in this short video clip.

We really enjoyed ourselves on Captiva Island last week and I encourage you to check out our pictures on Facebook, our videos on Youtube, and our recipes on Pinterest.

Remember, all the recipes featured on our 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Captiva Island are available on my Pinterest page for easy reference.  I encourage you to try some of them.  We enjoyed them immensely.

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!

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