Friday, September 6, 2013

Free Workout Friday: SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga

Four Easy Yoga Poses on a SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP, is all the rage.  And, it's super fun!  

SUP has been gaining popularity among people of all ages.  I first saw it in Hawaii almost 10 years ago.  Then, I started seeing it off Sanibel Island, Florida.  Then, one of our local outfitters, in Galena, IL started offering SUP.  I thought to myself - what fun!  So I gave it a try.  For me, balancing on the board was easy, because I have worked on balance training using the Indo Board.  But, I wanted to challenge myself.  I practice yoga and I had heard of people doing yoga on a SUP.  In fact, there are some really (and I mean REALLY) advanced yogi's out there that can do some crazy stuff.  But, that's way beyond my skill level at this time.  I gave SUP Yoga a try on a recent trip to Saugatuk, MI. 

Today's workout is to get you started on trying something new.  It puts your balance in check, for sure.  It's an amazing core workout, simply because you have to use your core to maintain balance.  You have to concentrate so it's great for your mind.

Calming.  Fun.  Challenging.  That's how I would describe yoga on a SUP.

If you're interested in purchasing any equipment, I suggest you buy local or buy from a trusted source.  My friend, Deb Malone at Fever River Outfitters, here in Galena, IL has Indo Boards and SUP for sale.  Contact Deb for more information.  Pick it up here in Galena, and Deb will even give you instruction on how to use it.

Also, 365fitt offers SUP on our trips to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, Florida.  Our trips are offered in late January and early February.  Check out the details on our website.

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!

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