Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebrating 365 Days of Living 365fitt!

Galena, IL Local Celebration
When something doesn't work for you anymore, it's time for a change.  So, I took my old tired company (Midwest Heart Cycling, Inc.), which had been in business since 2001, and put it to rest.

365fitt is my new company.  

It has a new feel and a new focus on health and fitness and lifestyle wellness.  And, I'm proud to announce that the doors have been open for 365 days.  It's time to celebrate!

The statistics of one year of being in business

I thought you might find the statistics interesting on what it means to have been in business one year.  Google Analytics makes it easy (and necessary) for a business owner to track customers and potential customers.

Google Analytics tells me that my website has had over 1,400 unique visitors in one year, with growth averaging now 300 visitors every month.  Of these visitors, 38% are new each month That's good for me because it tells me that I'm reaching approximately 100 new people each month.  It also means that 62% are returning customers, and that's good for me too.    In total, all of these visitors viewed over 8,000 pages (events, training, about), viewing an average of 3.5 pages with each visit.  The average visitor spends just 3 1/2 minutes on my site, which is actually well over the industry average. Over 30% of the total visits to my site are referred via social media, including facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Blogger, to name the most popular, and 24% of viewers to my website are using a smart phone.  Pretty interesting, right?

I've written 88 posts for my Blog which has had over 21,000 views in one year, with the most popular being:
On Pinterest, a social media site that uses pictures to say  a thousand words, I have 95 followers, with the most popular repin being the Yoga Moon Salutation.

On YouTube, the most popular video is the Basic Pilates with 365fitt,  22 minute video with instruction for beginners.  The goal when recording this video was to give people some basic instruction with quality form so that people could do a short pilates routine at home while watching a video on their television or computer.  The most recent comment I received on this was that the it was easy to see the movements (muscles) I was describing.  In total 365fitt has uploaded 52 videos.

Partnerships improve the overall strength of a business

But analytics and statistics are not the only way to measure success.  As part of my business plan, I've made it a priority to partner with both local and national companies and individuals to bring depth to my services.  Nationally, I've partnered with Heart Zones USA and ZONING Fitness to bring the best cardiovascular solutions to my clients.  Locally (Galena, IL), I've partnered with The Galena Territory and Midwest Medical Fitness Center to bring quality classes to the local community. I've partnered with local businesses like Fever River Outfitters, and social groups like MeetUp (Driftless Area Group) to provide even more opportunities to lead an active life outside of a gym.  I've even partnered with local resorts like Chestnut Mountain Resort and the Goldmoor Inn to provide both activity and educational events for women.

I've added a handful of some very experienced trainers and consultants to the 365fitt Team.  Sally Edwards, Laurie Croft, Alinda Perrine, Dorothy Sagar, Jennifer Karraker-Baldwin, and Sandra Principe have all partnered with 365fitt in some way to bring more adventure, more knowledge, more activity, more stress-relief, and/or more enjoyment to our training and our Healthy Active Living trips.  For more information on our team, please visit

Healthy Active Living Trips

Feb 2-8, 2013 Captiva Island, FL Trip
We will have planned for and taken 3 trips as of this summer.  The "Walk It Off" trip to Sanibel Island was so successful that I made a major decision to expand it to include a larger group in a very prestigious home on Captiva Island.  I've also brought in three additional coaches to help out and lend expertise to this VIP trip.  365fitt will travel twice to the Rocky Mountains this summer leading groups of women to "new heights"!  Most importantly, plans are being made to expand these offerings to new destinations in 2014 and 2015.  (If you want to be a co-sponsor of a trip, please visit my information page and/or email me.)

Products and services to meet the needs of customers and clients

365fitt has grown over the last 365 days to meet the needs of existing and new clients, by offering more products and more trips.  When I work with clients, they always get individualized workouts.  But as part of Free Workout Fridays, I've created and uploaded more than 28 workouts to my Resources, so that everyone can enjoy new workouts every week.   I try to Pin these workouts and I'm in the process of compiling them into another great e-product.  
In addition to that, I've created a new product called 365fitt 10 Minute Workouts.  This is a great e-product (downloadable pdf) with 10 different 10 minute routines.  Mix and match them to suit your needs.  There's over a million combinations!

I'm continually striving to find the right products that will make it easier for everyone to get moving, so that in the end, no one will be able to say they didn't have the time.

Galena Territory Events
So, how does a company go about celebrating a one year anniversary?  With a big celebration!  (See the image at the top of this blog for a complete schedule.) I've got a ribbon cutting ceremony and Open House at my new in-home studio. I'll be celebrating with small receptions at two of my local business partners, Midwest Medical Fitness Center and Fever River Outfitters.  I have a full day of free classes, seminars and health assessments at the Galena Territory Homeowners Club.

And, finally, to keep the buzz and good vibrations going, I'll be doing a very exciting day of give aways, raffles, prizes, coupons, and gifts on Cyber-Friday, June 28th. I've got free workouts, free head scarfs, T-shirts, bags, heart rate monitors, training and even a free trip to Captiva Island! 

"Like" 365fitt on Facebook, and sign up for the email newsletter (from either 365fitt facebook page, or the 365fitt Home) to make sure you get notifications!

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!

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