Friday, April 12, 2013

Free Workout Friday: Indo Board Training

 What's Indo Board?

Indo Board is a balance and strength trainer (prop) that consists of a board and either a roller or a cushion to add instability.

Why should you try Indo Board?

Indo Board adds an element of instability, which challenges your muscles in ways not usually challenged, engaging more core because you are constantly balancing.  Indo Board adds variety and fun to your workout.  (Please visit the Indo Board website for even more information.)

How do you start on the Indo Board?

Because of the unstable nature of the Indo Board, start your board on the cushion.  You can add "a little" instability by under-inflating the cushion.  To add more instability, simply add more air.  When you're ready to stand on your board, you may want to have something to hold onto such as a counter, a sofa, a bar, a doorway, or another person.  (When you get more comfortable, you and a friend can Indo Board together, using each other for stability or instability.)

Your first few workouts, should simply be about balancing.  As your balance on the board improves, incorporate some upper body exercises such as bicep curls, arm extensions, overhead tricep presses, and/or bentover rows and some lower body exercises such as squats, lunges, knee lifts, abduction and adduction.  Feel free to use weights and/or bands.

Adding specific core exercises is where you can get creative and really develop those abdominal and back muscles.  What you can do on land, try on the board!

I will be offering Indo Board classes (and kayak and stand up paddleboard) on Wednesday nights, 5:30pm in Galena, IL in partnership with Fever River Outfitters.  For information and to register, please visit Fever River Outfitters.

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