Monday, April 8, 2013

Expert Comments on the Value of a Detox

What is a Detox?  Is it Healthy?  Why Would You Choose to Detox?

Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, a medical doctor and registered dietitian weighs in on detox:
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Essentially, a "detox" is no different than a fad diet.  A fad diet is defined as a temporary change in diet intake, often restricting some food or liquid while emphasizing another food or liquid with the goal to lose weight, "reset" or "cleanse" the body.
According to the experts, our bodies are formidible chemical plants, in a good way.  Dr. Gerbstadt uses the acronym SKILL  which stands for skin, kidneys, intestines, liver and lymphatic.  Our body is a complicated machine designed to "detox" naturally.  Internally, we produce "detergents" and enzymes to get the toxins out.  If our body is working properly, it takes care of itself naturally.