Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Workout Friday Swim Better In The Front Quadrant

Your Free Workout Friday is about swimming better and more efficiently.  

The other day, I was watching a client swim and something that we had been working on, was still a problem.  Because people process instructions differently, I tossed quite a few drills at her to see what would work best.  I did this also because she was familiar with most of the drills, so as to not bombard her with too many new drills.

Her main problem was her right hand was entering wrist first, bending almost 45 degrees!  I could say that it was because her right elbow was dropping, that her wrist was hitting the water before her fingers and that might also be true.  It could also be that it is just a wimpy wrist.  We had worked on fingertip drag and catch up drills previously, but it just wasn't sticking.  Typically, I'll have a client work on a certain drill, until it becomes second nature.  However, when I don't see a client regularly, they often don't realize that they are slipping backwards again, forgetting what the correct technique looks like.  Thus, today we added a few more drills.  I think the "fist drill" will help her a lot, because the fist drill should force someone to pull with their entire forearm.  The fist must be pointed downward, or you just won't get the right pull.  So, here's to your free workout today!  Hop in the pool and give it a whirl!

Happy laps,

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