Friday, November 23, 2012

Free Workout Friday Swimming With the Hips

Today's Free Workout Friday is another great swimming workout, focusing on the biggest muscle in the body - the hips and core.  By utilizing your hips and core, you are able to swim more streamlined, more powerfully, and more efficiently.  When I showed this workout to one of my client's recently, she exclaimed, "I feel like a mermaid!  I love this new way of swimming!"

In fact, swimming has changed a lot in 30 years - in case you haven't had a swim lesson recently.  We swim smarter today, without wasting energy.  We swim faster today, because we are smarter.

Rotating your hips, pressing belly button to the side of the pool, streamlines your body.  Think about developing those belly muscles, the core.  Try to initiate your moves from the abdominal muscles.  In the end, your core becomes stronger and you swim faster and enjoy yourself more!

Have fun, Happy laps,

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