Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free Workout Friday

I'm hoping to get you real excited about working out, so will be offering free workouts every Friday.  Workouts will be posted to my website at 365fitt, and there will be a link here on my blog, facebook, twitter (@365fitt) and Youtube, if applicable.  I'm happy to offer these workouts for free, so if you don't mind, the best thing you can do is share these workouts:  facebook, twitter and email! 

I'd also like to hear from you!  Email me what you want in a workout.  Do you have a training question?  I sometimes like to play a game with my classes called, "Work That Body Part":  I ask participants to point to a spot on their body and it's my challenge to come up with at least one exercise to "work that body part".  So...take a picture, point to "that body part" and ask me..."What exercise works this body part?"  Ready, set, let's play!  

Remember, only one workout per week, so your body part might be saved to a following week.

Let the games begin!

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