Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Workouts To Try

A lot of people have asked me to demonstrate some workouts, or at the very least write them down, so I've added the following workouts to the 365fitt website.  You'll find it under Training Options - Resources.

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll find:

  • Water Exercise Workout - Water is simply one of the best workouts for your body.  First of all, you work every muscle in your body.  (Common joke that water exercisers tend to use their jaw muscle the most - haha!)  But, all joking aside, if you are in shallow water, your lower musculature gets an amazing workout from the "rebound" effect (jumping out of the water).  Add to that cardio, core and arms as you pull yourself through the water and you've got a great workout.  Worried that you won't get as much benefit as your workout on land?  Try putting on a Blink heart rate monitor and get ZONING right away (yellow flashing light, please).  That will make sure that you are exercising at the right intensity.  Then, just use the natural resistance of the water to create a calorie burning workout that's easy on the joints! (For a limited time only, get Sally Edwards newest book ZONING Fitness - Fitness in a Blink with any Blink heart rate monitor on my website.
  • Swim Workout - Hand Entry - I was working with one of my clients on her hand entry into the water on her freestyle.  Small problem with big ramifications.  When the heel of the hand enters the water first (instead of the fingertips), you end up losing the initial "catch" of the water, the elbow drops, and you end up with a weak pull.  The goal is to enter the water with the fingers at a slight downward angle, with the elbow always higher than the fingers, so that you can "catch" the maximum amount of water and pull your body along.  This workout focuses on some drills that will help your fingers enter the water first.  I do not address a "floppy wrist" which is also one of the causes, but that's another workout.
  •  5K Training Plan for Beginners - If you need a new goal, or just a general fitness plan to follow, this is a simple, easy to follow plan that progresses you from a walker to a "wogger" (walker-jogger), to a jogger, to a runner.  Sometimes, you just need a little bit of structure and this plan provides you with a plan to get you to your first 5K!  So, sign up for an event that's about 8 weeks out and you'll be just fine.  Use a Blink heart rate monitor for the best results as I do ask you to change up your intensity to get fitter and stronger!
  • Basic Pilates with 365fitt - Yes, I finally did it.  I love to do Pilates with some of my clients because it provides the "bones" of a good solid core workout.  Pilates focuses on strengthening and lengthening the muscles, and in this workout, I give you some of my favorite beginner moves.  You can take this 22 minute video clip, plug it into your tv and do it at home.  Pause it anytime you want to practice and progress at your own pace, or add another set or two to really make your core strong.  I'm almost 50 years old, have abs of steel, and I do these exact exercises on a regular basis.  There are some adaptations and variations if you need them.
Have a great workout!

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