Monday, August 31, 2015

Best Personal Trainer in Chicago

Who's the best Personal Trainer in Chicago?

Of course, I'm going to say, myself!  But, let me explain…

I'm Certified

You would think this goes without saying, but, NEVER hire a Personal Trainer that isn't certified by at least one nationally accredited organization. Certified trainers need to take continuing education courses every couple of years in order to maintain their certification.  This helps assure that your trainer is staying current with current topics and training techniques.  Check to make sure your trainer also has CPR and First Aid.

I'm an Author

When you write a book, you are assumed to be an "expert" on the topics of which you've written about.  I wrote a book on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness.  The book, Living 365fitt, A 12-Week Program to Lifestyle Wellness, has been thoroughly researched and put into a format that makes it easy to read and follow.  That's another expert tip!

I'm a Former Competitive Athlete

I have always been active, but I developed AOA, or Adult Onset Athleticism, in my thirties.  I competed in every distance triathlon, from sprint to Ironman, often landing on the podium.  As a self-coached athlete, I studied all the great books, read all the great articles, and tested dozens of training plans, techniques and theories on myself.  I know what works and what doesn't.  I know FITT - the frequency, intensity, time and type of training to get you to your goal.  And, I know the mental training and nutrition that can make or break the best physical training.

I've Been Mentored By the Best

Aside from all the books and courses I've taken, led by international experts, I can say that I have worked with the best in the world when it comes to cardiovascular training and performance athletics.  These experts helped transform my own training, and empowered me to use myself as a human laboratory; for through success, and probably more importantly, failure, we learn.

I've Worked with Physical Therapists

Sure, working with athletes is fun.  But, when athletes get injured, they need help.  This applies not just to injured athletes, but individuals of all walks of life; individuals who are geriatric and need special care; individuals with chronic disease like Parkinson's or heart disease; men and women who are or have been through joint replacement surgery; individuals suffering from back or chronic pain; and, the obese or sedentary.  Working with these people sometimes requires that you practically wipe the slate clean and start from ground zero.  We're talking BASIC exercises, not P90X or Crossfit.  Working side by side with the physical therapists who help these people, has given me knowledge beyond anything in a text book.

I Know Corporate Wellness

Yes, I've even applied the science of feeling better and Living 365fitt to corporate sites.  This is even more important now and in the future, as companies begin to incentivize people for wellness activities and participation, and as insurance companies offer rebates to companies that support employee wellness.  You can be sure that there is a wellness solution for your company.  Just ask!

So, Who's the Best Personal Trainer in Chicago?

There certainly are a lot of Personal Trainers in Chicago, and I do know a lot of them.  What I can tell you is that I'm pretty damn good.  But, you need to decide for yourself.  Just make sure that whoever you choose, its a good fit.  Ask your trainer (or me), for a single session, before buying any package.  Decide if your trainer is available at the times that you want to train.  Does your trainer motivate you to succeed and can he or she take you to the next level?  And, by the way, most of the trainers I know want the fit to work both ways.  Being ready to work and being committed to a training schedule rank high on our list of traits we look for in potential clients.

Kathy Kent is owner of 365fitt a training and coaching company located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.  Coaching packages are available by contacting Kathy at or by phone at 630-302-3470.


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