Monday, July 14, 2014

PAIN FREE - The Egoscue Method

There's an app for that!

I'm writing this post because I was recently introduced to a new app for pain management and thought I'd try it out to see if it helped with the chronic pain I continue to have with my plantar fasciitis.  After all, individuals suffering from chronic pain have two choices: keep trying to find a solution. Or give up and suffer. Personally, I will continue to search for new and creative solutions for my pain. (NOTE: check with your doctor or physical therapist first.)

The uapp is based on the best selling book by Dr. Peter Egoscue who has helped celebrities like Jack Nicklaus and Charles Barkley. His method is based in simple stretching and range of motion exercises specific to the pain.  
Here's an overview of what the app gives you:

First, pick a menu based on where your chronic pain is located. (Since I have plantar fasciitis, I chose Foot, from the menu.)

The app shows you the exercises recommended fort our pain issue; the foot, in my example. 

The app gives you clear instructions and also includes a short video on how to do the exercises.

The app also tells you why you are doing this exercise (I.e. Purpose)..

Then, the app includes specific instructions including how many and how long (sets and repetitions) for each exercise including a countdown timer, if desired. 

Why do I hunk this app is really great?  

Because, I've seen time and time again, people go to physical therapists or their doctors and leave with a set of instructions and exercises. And 9 times out if 10, they never do their exercises, on their own. 

You have to understand that if you suffer from chronic pain, you cannot give yourself a choice to do your exercises or not. YOU MUST DO THEM!!!  Sometimes, for the rest of your life.  This app may just be the technology driven help and reminder you need. 

Finally. The app also works WITH your physical therapist ( email option). That's just icing on the cake. So. What have you got to lose, except your chronic pain forever!  I'll be giving this app a try. Maybe it could help you too. 

From my mobile device- Kathy


  1. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely download the app and share with my clients as a tool/resource.

  2. Side note: The app is called "Pain Free Menu Reader" by Egoscue, Inc. in the iTunes store.

  3. Pete isn't a doctor. . . Just a wonderfully knowledgeable person who knows how to help people understand the signals their body is sending them.