Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Woman Loses 172 Pounds and is Asked to Put a Shirt On!

This is Brooke Birmingham. Brooke is a lifestyle blogger and she lost 172 pounds by eating healthy and exercising, yet a high profile woman's magazine declined to show this picture (the one on the right).  "Put a shirt on!" they said. 

Well, you can guess what happened. Brooke's story went viral - in a good way and that's the takeaway from this story. 
Brooke is now part of a movement to show real bodies. I love that!

As a final note, Brooke lost 172 pounds through personal lifestyle change. So, it does work and it is the ONLY way to lose weight (and get healthier) and keep it off permanently. 

Read Brooke's blog at for more on this story, and other great tips and motivation. 

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