Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Workout Friday: Another Great Total Body Circuit Workout

Get your Free Workout today with a Total Body Circuit that has a lot of variety!

It feels great to do a total body workout, one that leaves your legs as tired as your arms, and your core just as fatigued.

The goal is to get through each set, with as little as rest as possible.  (Want to challenge yourself?  Time each section and record it in your logbook.  Next time you do the workout, try to do it with less rest and you'll know you're getting stronger!)

If you're new to working out, you might do just half of the exercises and give yourself some rest in between each exercise.  As you get stronger, add another exercise, or decrease your rest.

Short on time?  Do two out of the three sets.  Choose upper and lower body today and complete the core workout tomorrow.  Want to double up on core tomorrow?  Simply repeat the entire core set again, or for a real challenge, complete 2 minutes of each exercise.

If you're not sure of any of the exercises, leave me a comment, and I'll post a picture, or a short video.  Have a great day and a great workout!

Live 365fitt,

ps.  Check out more free workouts, under resources, at, or on Pinterest!

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