Friday, August 2, 2013

83 Years Young and Living 365fitt!

83 Years Young!

83 Years Young!

And Younger Next Year!

I love meeting people on the trail, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and this is exactly why I do it. 

Today, I met this nice young lady.  She didn't hesitate to tell me that she was 83 years of age.  Boy, she sure didn't look it!  She had the biggest smile on her face and her eyes twinkled behind her sunglasses.  She was fit and strong and appeared to be very happy.  She was beautiful!

And, she was on her way back down from a 5.4 mile (roundtrip) hike to Ouzel Falls, in Rocky Mountain National Park.  She and her friend (also 83 years young) climbed 1,000 feet in elevation this morning.

I just loved the way they both embraced healthy living; getting outdoors and being physically active.  Wow!  I was impressed!

Of course, they noticed my 365fitt T-shirt and head scarf and asked what I was doing.  When I explained that I take groups of women on Healthy Active Living trips, they both perked up and exclaimed, "We want to join you!  Do you take 83 year old women?"  I proudly said, "Yes, it's all about YOU!  This is YOUR journey and MY job is to make sure that each person's journey is successful on a personal level."

The lesson learned:  Stay Active.  Stay Healthy.  Stay Involved!  Enjoy life!  

No matter your age.

Live 365fitt!

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!


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