Thursday, July 11, 2013

Training for LIFE ( and Granny Basketball)

Meet Barb. 

Barb plays Granny Basketball.  Can I tell you how old Barb is?  I'll give you a hint: she feels 50!

Barb feels about twenty years younger than her biological age. Why?  Because she's working out, enjoying life, and staying active. 

Barb's training regimen consists of a solid dose of core: stability ball bridges (single leg at that!), stability ball forearm plank rollouts, and bridges with a hamstring curl to name a few. 

She also trains her upper body focusing on triceps so she can nail that free throw in her next basketball game. 

She also works on agility doing side shuffles and side squats. More squats and lunges give her and strong legs and hips for running up and down that court!

Want to be younger next year too?

Then, set a goal and train!

Don't let age define you anymore!

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