Friday, February 15, 2013

Making Revenue With Fitness Retreats

Imagine getting paid, having fun, and increasing client satisfaction...

Expand and add value to your services by taking your clients on a fitness retreat.

You already offer personal training, teach classes or lead bootcamps for your clients.  But, what about taking them on a fitness retreat?  Think of the possibilities that a weekend or week on the beach or in the mountains can offer to your clients:
  • A gentle introduction to exercise and movement, utilizing basic pilates or yoga inspired moves and easy to moderate cardiovascular activity.
  • An education in healthy nutrition, including healthy shopping lists, meals preparation, cooking lessons and nutrition labels.
  • An introspective exercise in overcoming obstacles, emotionally, physically and/or nutritionally.
  • An adventure, pushing the physical limits of your clients with whitewater rafting, cycling the Continental Divide, or hiking from dawn til dusk.
  • A sport specific boot camp (i.e. for triathletes).

First, Who Are Your Clients?

Are your clients newcomers to the world of fitness, just getting their feet wet with exercise?  Are they experienced athletes, who like to push their body's limits?  Are they quiet reflective souls who like yoga?  What are your clients' needs?  

Second, What Can YOU Give Them?

After you know who your clients are, and what their needs are, ask what you can do to keep them "in the game".  This is often an excellent opportunity to gently lead your client to the next level of fitness, commitment to a goal and infuse excitement into their exercise routine.  Your goal might be to give them that "experience of a lifetime"!

Third, Plan for Revenue

With proper planning, a fitness getaway can become an additional profit center, provide an extra-value service to your clients, set you apart from the competition and, of course, allow you to travel.  You have the opportunity to make money not only on the trip, but on specialty training to get ready for the trip!  

I first started leading people on trips to the Estes Park, Colorado because I wanted to share my experiences with Rocky Mountain National Park. It was an area that I loved, knew like the back of my hand, and was comfortable in guiding people.  I knew the best hikes, the best restaurants, and where to stay.  I knew the ins and outs of hiking at elevation, including altitude sickness, and I knew what it would take to take a group of flatlanders hiking in Colorado.  I would include training in their package.  I brought in another trainer to help market the trip, and be a co-leader.  I planned the entire trip and it was a huge success.  I made over $4,000 on a 5 night trip to the Rockies!
- Kathy Kent, President and Owner, 365fitt

A potential participant will consider four key points—in addition to cost—before deciding to buy into a fitness retreat/trip:
  • Is the personal trainer/instructor someone I want to spend time with on vacation?
  • Is the location somewhere desirable and easy to get to? 
  • Is the length of the retreat long enough to do and see amazing things, but not too difficult to commit to?
  • Are there other people “like me” on the trip?
  • Will I come home somehow transformed or “better”?

How To Let Your Clients Know About A Trip

You can most easily recruit retreat attendees from people who already know and love your training skills. Trips are usually filled by several key groups: current clients, friends of clients, and returning trip attendees and their friends, and even old clients.  It's even easier to market your trip through email marketing and social media - think facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

365fitt Would Like to Partner With You

Let 365fitt be your travel planner and help you make more revenue and increase the value of your services.  Let 365fitt Healthy Active Living help you plan, market and conduct client fitness retreats—and make certain they’re not just for fun, but also for profit. 

All 365fitt trip partners follow the 365fitt method, which embodies healthy active living 365 days a year, training for the event called LIFE!  Our trips are supportive, nurturing, yet challenging for all abilities and everyone leaves with a positive experience!

Please contact me directly for more information on planning a 365fitt Healthy Active Living trip for your clients.

Living 365fitt,

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!


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