Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Workout Friday: Cardio 3 Ways for Heart Health

February being heart health, I wanted to give you a workout that's good for you're heart.  Your heart is a muscle, and it can be exercised just like your biceps and triceps.

The human heart beats a certain number of beats in any given minute.  These are called beats per minute.

When you workout, your heart works harder to pump blood to your working muscles, and your heart rate increases.

When you rest, your heart rate decreases.

The more you raise your heart rate and lower your heart rate (stress and recovery), the healthier your heart muscle becomes.  And, when your heart muscle is strong, it protects itself from disease like stroke and/or high blood pressure, to name just two.

In addition to protecting yourself from disease, exercising the heart provides other benefits like lowering your stress, improving your "good cholesterol", improving your sleep and even your sex drive.

How many times a week you do this workout is up to you and is related to your current goals and the time you have available to train.  If you only have three days a week to workout and you want quick results, you can do this for each of your workouts.  If you're a triathlete, you can do this once a week in each sport.

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