Thursday, January 31, 2013

Free Workout Friday: Fun Group Workout

Here's your free workout this week!

Have fun with this one.  Here's some suggestions:

  1. Low rows - pull elbows straight back next to ribs.
  2. High rows - pull elbows at shoulder height back.
  3. Shoulder extensions - straight arms pull back towards hips.
  4. Diagonals - one arm high, one arm low diagonally.
  5. Tricep Extensions - elbows in at ribs, pull hands back towards hips.
Stand tall with excellent posture.  Try standing on one leg for improved balance.  Work together, this one is fun!

I want to thank my gals, who joined me on the 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Sanibel Island, FL this week.  This trip is designed for all women, all ages (we had ages 40-75 on this trip!) and is an excellent jump start to starting a healthy life.  We walk.  We bike.  We kayak.  We eat only healthy nutritious foods.  We have fun!  Join us next year.  Details are available at

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