Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Workout Friday - Monthly Workout Plan

Sometimes, you just need someone to give you some organization so today's Free Workout Friday- Monthly Workout Plan will carry you forward an entire month.  This plan includes all the aspects of a well balanced program, for an all-over body workout, although it is probably a little light on stretching. 

This program is appropriate for intermediate levels of fitness because of the "volume" of activity - 5-9 hours/week, depending on the week.  Beginners should cut all work by 50% for starters, and gradually build up duration and intensity.  Individuals who are more advanced, can simply increase duration and intensity, but should maintain the progression from week one to week four as a build in total load.

  • Cardio can be done on any piece of equipment that you choose, or, outside with your choice of activity, biking, running, walking, skating, or swimming!  The intensity is described as easy, moderate or hard, which is pretty self explanatory.  I have also used the colors blue, yellow and red which correspond with the Blink heart rate monitor.  A heart rate monitor is an excellent way to make sure that you are adding variety- both easy and hard - to your workouts, giving you lots of variety and challenging the heart muscle appropriately.
  • Strength training for core, arms and legs has been specified in duration only and is not specific as to what exercises you might do or how much weight you might lift or resist.  Please consult any of my other free workouts for suggestions on specific exercises.  A qualified health professional or personal trainer is an excellent resource for muscle specific exercises.
  • Stretching can always be incorporated at any time, for any duration.  Always start with light stretching for major muscle groups first.
Finally, all good programs include an element of rest and recovery and play.  Rest is essential to helping your muscles recovery and rebuild from work and fatigue.  It is only when you rest that your muscles repair and make themselves stronger.  You should also include an element of play in your workouts because the more fun you have with them, the more likely you are to enjoy and stick with your workouts every day of the year.

Enjoy - live 365fitt!

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