Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10% Pill, 90% Program: Will You Lose Weight?

What's behind a 100 pound transformation?

Today was interesting and it sent me through a variety of emotions, ranging from inquisitive, to frustrated to dumbfounded.  It started when I ran into a friend, who has (in the last 7 months or so) noticeably trimmed down quite a bit.  I stopped her and we chatted about her transformation.  Here's how it went:

Me:  Wow, you look great!
Woman:  I've lost 100 pounds since January!
The Inquisitive Me:  No way!  How'd you do it?
Woman:  I'm seeing a Chiropractor.
The Incredulous Me:  You're having an affair?
Woman:  No!
(just kidding, inserted just for giggles)Woman:  He's helping me with weight loss!
(Since when have chiropractors jumped on the weight loss bandwagon?)The skeptical Me:  Tell me more…
Woman:  I take these drops.  They're not HCG.  I think they really help with the belly fat.
(I guess chiropractors are now giving supplements too?)Woman:  And, he takes my weight, blood pressure, temperature (?), and ph (tongue).
(Are chiropractors practicing personal training and/or nursing now too?)The Suspicious Me:  What else have you changed?
Woman:  He has me eating no sugar whatsoever.
(duh)Woman:  I'm limited to two pieces of fruit a day, because they are high in sugar.  I'm allowed to have an apple, orange, and a few others.
The Doubtful Me:  Hmm.  Oranges are really high in sugar, that doesn't make sense.
Woman:  And, I eat a lot of vegetables, but no carrots, because they are high in sugar too.
Woman:  I also eat 8 oz of protein a day.  But, no salmon, because they are high in fat.  I'm supposed to avoid fat.
The Smart Me:  Hmm.
Me:  OK, and what about exercise?  Are you exercising more than you used to?
Woman:  YES!  I do something everyday now.
Me:  How do you feel?
Woman:  I feel great!  I have so much energy.  In fact, I'm almost off my blood pressure medication.
The Living 365fitt Preacher Me:  That's great!  OK, can I ask you a couple of specific questions.
Woman:  Sure.
Me:  Would you say that you're now eating good, healthy foods?
Woman:  Yes.
Me:  Would you say that you've eliminated unhealthy foods?
Woman:  Yes.
Me:  And, would you say that you've increased your exercise?
Woman:  Definitely, yes.
The Frugal Me:  Can I ask what you pay for this?
Woman:  I paid $400 initially, and I go back every two weeks for my drops and a check-up (where he takes my blood pressure, weight, temperature, ph, etc…).  I pay $75 for each appointment.
The Jawdropped Me:  So, seven months into your new program, you've lost 100 pounds, and have spent approximately $1,450.  Is that about right?
Woman:  That sounds about right.
The Supportive Me:  Well, good luck.  You look great!  Keep it up.  

I'm amazed by the diet and weight loss industry.  There's always a "pill" or a "program" to help you lose weight.  Sometimes, there actually is some science behind the pill, but in actuality, it's effect has minimal effect on the outcome.  Let's call it 10% pill, 90% program.  That's right.  What's really working is the program.  You change your habits, your lifestyle, the way you do things, and you'll lose weight.

Eat better - you'll lose weight.

Eat less junk - you'll lose weight.

Exercise more - you'll lose weight.

Any single element of the trilogy of losing weight, and you'll lose weight.  Combine two of the elements, and you'll lose more weight, faster.  Combine all three and you've hit the home run in the game of weight loss.

The bigger question is this:  Can you keep it up in the long run?  Can you, when you stop taking the pill or the drops or the shakes or whatever it is that any "professional" is selling you, maintain your weight loss, or even continue to lose weight?

The answer is it depends.  IF you adopt a new lifestyle that includes all three of the trilogy of weight loss (and health and fitness, by the way), you will maintain your weight loss.  You see, it's the program.  It's the lifestyle.  It's NOT the pill or the drops or the shakes.  It's 90% program.

And, that's the business that I'm in.  No shakes, no pills, no drops.  I'm all about the program.  Change your lifestyle and you'll achieve health, wellness, fitness and potentially weight loss.

Watch for my next blog, on diet pills.  Are they real or not?

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