Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why You Need to Get Involved with the Living 365fitt Program!

Living 365fitt is bigger than you! 

In my handout, I urge you to not take this journey alone.  Why?  Because YOU are stronger when you don't act alone.  YOU can become a mentor.  YOU have built-in support.

Take it to your family first.  Become a role model.

Take it to your friends next.  Start a group - something like a book club, but with activity and healthy snacks.

Take it to your workplace.  Encourage a culture of wellness.

Take it to your community.  Start a community-wide group engaged in healthier habits.

Find out more…get the free Living 365fitt Handout with tips on how to get started. Then, get the book and join any one of the Living 365fitt programs.  Find out just how easy it is to implement.

And - because I want YOU to succeed, I'll offer all the personal support you'll need!  Contact me today with your questions, or to get started today!

The next Living 365fitt 12-week Program starts April 14!

Coaching opportunities are available for anyone with a passion for changing the way we live!

Visit the Living 365fitt Program for more information.

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