Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Workout Friday: Theraband Workout #1

Free Workout Friday
Theraband Workout #1 from Nicole Miller

If you missed the 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trip to Captiva Island, FL February 1-8, 2014, you can  still reap the benefits.  One of our coaches from the trip, Nicole Miller (from did some functional training using the theraband that all participants received on the trip.  As part of a series, Nicole is going to demonstrate and give you an easy workout that you can do in your home.  Add this workout to your routine to build core strength (because your core is "engaged" and you'll rotate), leg strength (squat) and arm/shoulder strength and stability (extensions). 

Want to amp it up?  Pull out an object of instability;  beginners can use an Airex pad or pillow, intermediates can use a BOSU, and advanced individuals can use an Indo Board!  Put some music on and create a routine, and have some fun with this workout - the first in a series!

Nicole Miller is a 365fitt Coach, who trains in Colorado Springs, CO, and is available for personal training (locally through her own company ) and online coaching through 365fitt.  Nicole brings a sense of empowerment to her workouts with a "you can do this" and non-intimidating attitude.  Join Nicole and me on future 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trips - a great way to get motivated, stay motivated and challenge yourself to live a fit and healthy active life!

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