Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is Isagenix and is it the Magic Diet or a Big Scam?

A friend of mine recently informed me that she had been doing Isagenix and wondered if I wanted to potentially pitch it to my clients.  So, like any well-informed person would (and should) do, I looked into the details.  The first thing that pops up on my search, is the ABC television's review of the product.  Even though the headline calls it a big scam, they didn't prove anything to me  either way.  Can you lose 15 pounds in 9 days?  Can you reduce cravings?  Thus, I continued my own research.

The Claims

Direct from the Isagenix website, with their products:

  • Accelerate healthy weight loss
  • Optimize health
  • Feel younger
  • Have more energy

The Success Stories

  • One woman, who participated in the IsaBody Challenge, lost 32 pounds and 13% body fat.  Of course she did!  She also participated in 1,000 calorie burning workouts a day!
  • One woman lost 131 pounds.  Oh yeah, she's also running marathons.
  • Another woman lost 10 pant sizes.  Oh yeah, she hit the gym.
  • Another woman - is now a fitness professional.
  • A man, noticed significant improvement.  You would too after "non-stop workouts and clean eating".
  • Another man, a former athlete, is now competing consistently.
What do all these success stories have in common besides the fact that they used Isagenix products?  They all worked out; some of them incessantly, like 1,000 calorie burning workouts, running marathons, and "non-stop" workouts.

The Product and Program

  • Free product upon enrollment
  • Auto-ship (a nice word for a subscription based product, which means you keep paying monthly)
  • A plethora of products ranging from jumpstart programs (9 day and 30 day) with fat burning and cleansing (remove those icky toxins from your fat cells and digestive tracks) to maintenance programs for sustained energy and youth for life.  They come in shakes, meal replacements, bars, chocolates, soups, and teas to name a few.  There's also lines of vitamins, skin care and beauty care products - too numerous to mention.
  • The weight loss and cleanse programs retail for anywhere from $150-$700 just to get you started.
  • Some shakes sell for $54 for 14 packets.
  • The IsaLean Shakes (meal replacement) products are all natural, full of herbs, vegetable powders and root extracts to name a few.  You'll find everything from broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, pumpkin, seeds, quinoa, and millet in the shakes.
  • The IsaLean Soups (squash) for instance has so many ingredients, my eyes went a little buggy looking at them (see the list at left), but at least they are natural.  In comparison, my squash soup recipe has 4-5 ingredients:  squash, chicken or vegetable stock, salt, pepper and maybe some red pepper or other spice.
  • The Cleanse product and Fat Burning System claims to help moderate calorie control on Shake Days.  (Oh yeah - you'll also abstain from food on Cleanse Days.)
  • Cleanse products support the body's natural ability to remove toxins and impurities. 
  • The Cleanse product contains a powerful natural laxative in aloe vera leaf gel.

The Conclusion

The Pros
  • It's natural.
  • It may jump start a weight loss program.
  • It may cleanse your colon.
  • It may give you more energy.
The Cons
  • It's a "diet" with supplements.
  • Supplements include cleanse, shakes, bars, soups, snacks - that you pay for.
  • A diet is calorie restrictive - and anyone can lose weight on a calorie restrictive diet if they follow the plan.  The problem occurs when you get off the plan and start eating "normal".
  • Isagenix keeps you in their program, by convincing you that you need their shakes (at least once a day) as a meal replacement for maintaining your weight and energy.  This makes it just like Slimfast or Shakeology or other "one a day shake" plans.  No different.
  • Read the Shake Day Guidelines at right.  See the fourth bullet?  It says:  Engage is an exercise program with both aerobic and resistance training.  That's right.  Exercise alone, without any additional supplements will help facilitate weight loss, optimize health, feel younger, and have more energy.
  • Read the fifth bullet.  It says:  Drink plenty of water.  Water is a natural diuretic and will help you lose weight, feel less bloated, and will help remove toxins naturally from your body, without the use of supplemental products.
  • Looking at the "Your Path to Success" note to the side:
    • Bullet point #3:  they give you a tape measure to measure results.  Remember, if you're drinking a lot of water (natural and free detox/cleanser) and you're exercising, you'll see results without supplemental products.
    • Bullet point #4:  Buy healthy foods and remove unhealthy foods and snacks (including sodas and foods with artificial sweeteners and other junk foods) from your home.  If you do this alone, you'll see results, without supplemental products.
So, what's the conclusion?  You don't need this product to lose weight, have more energy, be healthier, and/or feel younger.  Save your money.  You simply need to stick to a plan that includes the following natural and free things:
  1. Eat healthy foods.
  2. Avoid unhealthy foods.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Exercise regularly.

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  2. This is just sad, one sided, and blatantly biased. The fact that you present only PIECES of the product on this blog shows just how biased and unprofessional you are. It isn't saying "We're a miracle." It's saying "We're here to help you. You want results, you'll get them." I, for one, am NOT a trainer, in fitness, or even lift weights more then I have to....Yet I lost OVER 30lbs with Isagenix ALONE in like a month! And that was with just changing my diet. Also, they inform you and IMPLORE YOU to use your deductive skills to research terms like "nutritionally bankrupt foods". Did you mention that? Hm, oddly, I don't see it. Not surprising. It means that our food, from the increasing population, the strain on the environment, and even the fact we use hormones to keep up with said population, has ROBBER us of our nutrition! So yes, we need that extra UNDENTURED food. But of course, you

    1. Tell your doctor that and see what they say about losing 30 lbs that fast

  3. Great article (unbiased review) on Isagenix. I have tried the products myself and they are WAY overpriced for the quality of the products and to be honest didn’t notice any huge changes or results from using them.

    I found this Isagenix Review video helpful as well regarding the business (which was exposed to me by a friend):

    Thanks again for the great article! :-)

    Nathan Argenta

  4. Great article (unbiased review) on Isagenix. I have tried the products myself and they are WAY overpriced for the quality of the products and to be honest didn’t notice any huge changes or results from using them.

    I found this Isagenix Review video helpful as well regarding the business (which was exposed to me by a friend):

    Thanks again for the great article! :-)

    Nathan Argenta

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  7. This safe and effective system helps boost your weight -loss efforts by gently cleansing and nourishing your body. Buy Isagenix help to to healthy weight loss and support the body’s natural detoxification systems

  8. Best product out there! It has changed my Life! It is so, so, so, much more then a "diet" shake. It is a lifestyle change! I lost 35 lbs and wife 70 lbs. I have to agree a biased report and if some did not have results, I would bet they were doing it wrong. I have watched 1000's change and improve. Pull your head out of the sand!

  9. Also the 11 grams of sugar is a low glycemic Slow Burn sugar. Blood work does not lie I was pre-diabetic and my sugar levels are now perfect!