Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Workout Friday - Indoor Cycling Ride

Free Workout Friday

Indoor Cycling - Just the Ride I Needed

A ZONING Fitness Workout

Guest Contributor, Official ZONING Specialist, Kay Mamo

Kay is a friend of mine from the fitness facility that I used to work at years ago, Edward Health and Fitness Centers in Naperville, IL.  Kay was one of my Heart Zones students.  She was excited about using heart rate to train for her first triathlon.  She believed in it so much that she got certified as a trainer so she could teach others about heart rate training (Heart Zones). She became a "champion" of heart rate training, shouting out the benefits to all who would listen.  She started weight loss programs using heart rate.  She started fitness programs, bootcamps and small group training using heart rate.  In fact, Kay doesn't teach anything that doesn't include heart rate.

She knows that heart rate training (and now, ZONING Fitness, in particular) is what works.

She likes that the Blink heart rate monitor is the easiest heart rate monitor out there to use.  She likes that it flashes just three colors - blue, yellow and red - which correlate with the user's intensity.  She knows that intensity is what gets you healthy and makes you fitter.  See how it's all linked together?

The Indoor Cycling Movement

I've been around indoor cycling for almost 20 years.  I've seen Spinning grow with an almost "cult-like" following.  Several manufacturers followed suit in the '90's, with bikes and training programs.  Then, came along Heart Zones Cycling, a training program that worked on every bike out there.  Sally Reed and Sally Edwards (author of The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists, the Heart Rate Monitor Workbook for Cyclists, and Heart Zones Cycling) wrote the books and original training program.  I came along as a third partner and ran the nationwide certification program called Heart Zones Cycling.  We trained thousands of indoor cycling instructors around the country in a program that used heart rate to train people on indoor bikes.  Our philosophy was simple.  In a time when "spinning" was getting a bad reputation because of it's "high, hot and hard" rides, Heart Zones Cycling was actually training people, using sound training principles.  This is what makes people fitter.

Heart Zones Cycling was for everyone.  It was for the individual who stood outside the "spin" studio, fearful of stepping through the doors, fearful of getting beat up by the instructor in spandex shouting and standing on a bike.  Heart Zones Cycling would encourage this person to "ride by their heart rate", keeping their intensities at a lower level until they were ready for a little more challenge (i.e. heart rate). It was for the elderly man, who had a heart condition last year.  Heart Zones Cycling would encourage the man to use his heart rate as his guide, knowing that the beta-blockers he was on would suppress his heart rate.  It as for the triathlete in the back row, the one that would come to class several days a week.  For this person Heart Zones Cycling could frame the workout that was right for the athlete and their training specific plan.  Finally, it was for the person who just wanted a workout.  Put a heart rate monitor on this person, and they could see goals and their fitness levels improving with the right kind of training.

Just the Ride I Needed

This is what Kay Mamo does.  She has become a local, and now national champion of heart rate training, officially, ZONING Fitness.  She has recorded a podcast for ICI Pro, a members only group that is a resource for indoor cycling instructors around the world.  She has written workouts and training plans and 365fitt is proud to bring you one of Kay's great indoor cycling workouts.

As an individual, pull the workout up on your iPad, or print it out and ride indoors on your trainer.

If you're an indoor cycling instructor, print it out, sync it with the playlist, and use it in class.

Just the Ride I Needed - workout
Just the Ride I Needed - description (cueing notes for instructors)
Playlist on Spotify (please "follow" Kay and Just the Ride I Needed)
ICI Pro Website (Indoor Cycling Instructors)

Heart Rate Monitors

Twenty years ago, I walked into my cycling studio with a heart rate monitor station - a bag with 20 heart rate monitors that I hung over a door.  When you came to my cycling class, you checked out (borrowed) a heart rate monitor.  Today, I urge everyone to buy their own heart rate monitor for a variety of reasons.  I like the Blink because it's easy to use in a class situation.  You don't  need to see your numbers, just follow the blinking light (great in dim studios).

Want to get hooked up with a set of Blink heart rate monitors for your classes or for yourself?  I have plenty of Blinks in stock and will "loan" them to you on consignment for 30 days.  After 30 days, you'll need to buy them, or return them to me, cleaned and in the original undamaged packaging.  Ask me how to get your program, whether it's a cycling class or a bootcamp, or even your small group personal training, going using the Blink and ZONING.

It's just so easy.  Have fun with your workout today!

Live 365fitt,


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