Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Change Your Life For The Better

Sometimes, I just have to laugh!

I recently wrote an article (a pretty good article, if I may say) for our local newspaper.  Funny how things work out when an advertisement for margaritas and mexican food shows up right in the middle of my article on health called, "How to change your life for the better".   I wouldn't necessarily call margaritas and mexican food a "healthy choice", but that's okay.  I don't get hung up on things like that.  I prefer to just smile, be thankful that my article got out there to a community, and keep right on talking about health.

Make sure you read the real article, "How To Change Your Life For the Better" with three simple tips that will go a very long way:

  1. Eat Good Things
  2. Avoid Bad Things
  3. Move Your Body
Enjoy the article, and, know that it's okay to have a margarita and mexican food every once in awhile as long as, most of the time, you eat good things, avoid bad things, and move your body regularly.

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