Friday, May 3, 2013

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

What you need to know before having a hip or knee replacement.

Dr. Mike Evans hits it out of the ball park with this video on how to prepare for a hip or knee replacement.  Working with your caregiver team is important before, during and after surgery.

Dr. Mike Evans also wants you to know that you will have to do some work.  The stronger your muscles are before surgery, the faster you mend.  Do your post surgery exercises, sometimes with a physical therapist for 8-12 weeks, and his most important part:  don't stop there!  Keep going, because you can continue to improve your joint functionality for up to 2 years!

Having worked side by side with some area physical therapists, I have seen all too many times, the patient who can't wait for his 12 weeks of physical therapy to be done, so he doesn't have to do his exercises anymore.  You've got a new joint!  Use it!

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