Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Workout Friday: Great Yoga Poses

The Moon Salutation is a great series of yoga poses.  The poses work the spine, the hips and muscles of the legs, the core, (both abdominals and back) and shoulders.  It is an excellent total body strengthening and flexiblity routine.  The pictures are initiated with the right leg/side, therefore, you will need to do them a second time on the left side.  I've put my own twist on them, however, to bring you what I consider the best of the series:

First time through, go slowly and warm up your entire body.  If you're particularly stiff, you may want to go through this slowly another time.  Take the time to get the breath right:  Inhale up to mountain lifting through the ribs and chest. Exhale to forward fold then inhale to a slight lift.  Exhale to low lunge, inhale to plank (stepping back with other leg), exhale to low plank, inhale to upward facing dog, exhale to downdog, inhale (and step forward) to low lunge, exhale (and step forward with other leg) to forward fold, inhale up to mountain or backward bend, and exhale back to prayer.

After warming up, complete the pose series three additional times (yes, three on each side), increasing the pace to bring your heart rate up.

After you've completed that, repeat the series much slower, holding the poses longer for increased strength and flexibility.  This will require a strong mental attitude.  Take the time to settle, breathe, and relax into each position.

Finally, repeat the series one more time through for breath control and cool down.

Breath 365fitt,
ps.  my disclaimer is that I am not a certified yoga instructor, but I am knowledgeable of the poses and what it does for the body.  As with any workout, be mindful of how you feel, do not overstretch, and work into each pose as allowed by your current level of fitness.


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