Friday, November 2, 2012

Free Workout Friday: Fresh Off The Couch Workout #1 For Stamina

Your Free Workout Friday:  Fresh Off The Couch Workout #1 For Stamina is here and is dedicated to my mom, who is cancer free after one year of treatment, this week! This is an 8 week program to get you moving.

Congratulations, Mom.

Now begins the rebuilding process.  After a year of treatment, your body is weak and your stamina and endurance are lacking.  This workout is for you, to help you rebuild your body, taking little baby steps at a time, allowing your body to adjust to advances in your strength and endurance.  This is just one part.  More will follow, as your body heals and rebuilds.

When rebuilding from serious injury or illness, your training principle is FREQUENCY.  (That's the "f" in 365fitt.)  Your body will benefit most from several short bouts of activity every day.

This workout begins by moving your body (for example, walking or stationary biking) for 5 minutes, 3-5 times a day.  Get up and move.  Walk to the maibox.  Walk to your neighbor's house.  Pace back and forth in your house.  Ride a stationary bike, if you have one.  (I do not recommend getting on a real bike until you are stronger and more steady).

The rules of the workout program are simple.
  • You must move a minimum of 3 times a day.  
  • You must do this everyday.
  • You must record your activity on the attached record sheets.
Ready to get going?  Please pass this workout onto anyone you might know that is struggling with getting their body moving.  Then, take a 5 minute activity break with them.  They will thank you.

I love you Mom,

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