Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are Our Bodies Imperfect?

I really wasn't surprised the other day when I saw the newsstand at Chicago O'Hare airport; an entire shelf (5ft wide x 7ft tall) filled with women's magazines.  ALMOST EVERY COVER featured a woman of slim build and slight weight.  (There were two notable exceptions:  Dr. Oz on the right, and, well, he's a man, and Oprah, further up but not seen in this photo, who flaunts whatever weight she's at currently).

When is it ever going to end?  For years, these magazines have placed skinny (and sometimes, no, most times airbrushed) women on their covers.  Inside, these magazines reinforce the notion that we're imperfect, under the guise of "try this for better skin", "use this to smell better", "eat this to lose the belly fat", "buy these clothes to hide your bumps and bulges", "take this pill to feel better", or "have a better sex life by doing this".  

The messages are that we are not "as good as we could be" and we should change who we are and what we do.  It's simply a shame that the media pressures us to all look like a size 6 Barbie doll. The more we are shown slender women, the more inferior we are meant to feel about ourselves.  It's time for a revolt!  

First...don't buy these magazines.  They seldom contain anything of value.  Instead, focus on doing your own research, from science and facts, instead of just digesting what someone in the media tells you.

Second...don't believe that women really look like that.  We know for a fact that most women are a size 14 or larger. Be comfortable in your own skin, regardless of size or shape or color.

Third...recognize that you have a choice.  If you are unhappy about your body for any reason, health being the most important, then do your research.  Identify what will work to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As my mom used to say, "Use your noggin'."  Be smart, make your own educated decision, whether it's diets or exercise, and that includes not taking my words as verbatim.  Sure, I'm a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, and I'm pretty darn good at what I do.  But, if I do my job really well...I put myself out of a job, because I've taught you to take control and think for yourself and do for yourself.  It's about changing your lifestyle and it has to work for you 365fitt!

Live 365fitt!

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