Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Do You Do To Celebrate Your Birthday?

I thought I'd just comment on this today, because my good friend Sally Edwards just celebrated her 65th birthday by hiking 80 miles of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), on her journey to complete the entire trail.  The PCT is over 2,650 miles and Sally completes approximately 100 miles every year on or around her birthday.  Pretty remarkable, actually.

You see, Sally is living 365fitt.  She lives everyday of her life with fitness in hand because every year she wants to tackle another 100 miles of this trail.  She keeps herself healthy by exercising every day with a variety of activities to keep her heart and muscles healthy, strong and flexible.  Exercise keeps her mind sharp and keeps her off pills.  Sally is a fascinating woman with endless energy for the event called life.

So, as I think about turning 50 next year, I have also been thinking about how to celebrate.  Sure, I could go out to a lavish dinner with wine and wonderful food.  I could sit on a beach.  I could have a party and drink lots of alcohol and eat mindlessly lots of appetizers:  just to celebrate my 50 years on Earth.  But, I think not.  I have actually been jotting some ideas down for what I'd really like to do.  If time allows (and I might just have to rearrange my schedule so that time does allow), I would like to  set aside some time for  high adventure.  I'd like to skydive, bungee jump, canoe the Boundary Waters, raft down the Grand Canyon, climb a 14'r, hike 100 miles, bike across the country, scuba dive, and complete an ice climb.  Now, I know this is sounding more like a bucket list, but why not? 

In fact, now that I think about it, why wait until a "milestone birthday" to do any of it?  Why shouldn't we live our lives with adventure?  

Here's to LIVING!

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