Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When was the Last Time You did Something For The First Time

It was a great morning when we rose, got the coffee, and walked to the Lincoln Park Boat Club where we had a 7am lesson with Lev. I was excited because it had been awhile since u had "done something new for the first time."

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?" is a slogan used by my best friend Sally Edwards, spokesperson for the Danskin Series Triathlon. it has been awhile since I personally had done something for the first time so I thought it was time to start again.

I had seen and my friend Dave suggested sculling in Chicago and it looked fun. My friends in Dubuque had competed in Dragonboat racing so i was familiar with the concept This was going to be fun.

Our instructor put us on the rowing machines first to show us proper form. Lots of legs. Straight back strong core. Easy fluid arms. This was going to be a great workout. Then to the boats. After a few boat adjustments we were ready for the water. By the way the boat adjustments were akin to the adjustments you make to the bike for saddle fore and aft and handlebars etc. Proper set up would be key to better feel and form on the water.

Once in the water it seemed natural. First I felt for the power from the legs. Second I tried to keep the oars "square". I tried to keep a straight line turn and even feather the oars. Felt pretty good.

I sweat. I accomplished. I will get better in both strength and technique and I look forward to a few more months of practice on the harbor and a few months of hard indoor training

When not around the rowing machines for indoor training I will hop on the bike for improving my leg power output.

How cool is that? What are you going to do for the first time?

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