Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change Your Lifestyle: Change Your Weight

So this was a big week for 365fitt, launching my website, and the first program promotion,  Change Your Lifestyle:  Change Your WeightFor so many people, the goal is weight loss.  In reality, the result is weight loss, when the goal is changing your lifestyle.  By simply refocusing our attention on the correct goal, our lifestyle, the weight seems to simply melt away.  A healthy lifestyle for most people involves moving your body with regular amounts of various physical activities.  A healthy lifestyle involves eating nutritious, satisfying meals with a focus on eating to live, not living to eat.  A healthy lifestyle involves daily meditation to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. Integrating changeAll of this takes time, which is why we do this together over 8 weeks. 

In this 8 week email/video program, you will receive 3 emails/videos a week focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional awareness and habits.  These emails/videos are content rich and full of learning, tips and motivation to get you refocused on a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you have double the opportunity for personalization.  I offer phone coaching in 15 minute increments or in packages to fit your budget and schedule.  (Phone coaching has actually been studied and individuals who were in contact via phone with a coach on a regular basis lost more weight and kept it off than individuals without a phone coach!)  Secondly, any questions you might have on a week to week basis, or about any one of our emails, can be answered through the blog so that everyone can learn from each other.  I will post answers and video demonstrations here.  (For instance, you say you don't know what a plank is?  I'll demonstrate it and post it here!)

What have you got to lose?  Umm...5 pounds, maybe?  Whatever you need to lose, give it a try!  If you pre-order now through September 1, you will receive 50% off, regularly $29.95, now just $15.  Check it out here! 

Questions?  Let me know!

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