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365fitt Sanibel Island Trip: The Fun We Had

Once you read how much fun we had, you won't want to miss this trip next year!

On January 26, 2013, a small group of ladies accompanied me to Sanibel Island, FL for a week of Healthy Active Living.  The trip exceeded my expectations!

My had three important goals for the trip:  
teach women about physical activity, educate them on eating healthful nutritious foods, and offer emotional support for overcoming obstacles.

Here's a sample itinerary:

7am    Breakfast
8am    Walk the beach
10am  Yoga/Pilates on the beach
11am  Free Time
12pm  Lunch
1pm    Afternoon Activity:  Walk the Indigo Trail, bike to Captiva, kayak the JN Ding Darling, or ocean paddleboard/kayak/walk
4pm   Free Time
6pm   Dinner
7pm   Group Discussions


On the first day, our participants downloaded the free app, MapMyFitness, onto our smartphones.  This app uses GPS to track distance, time, speed and even calories.  It served as a great motivator for the ladies.  The cumulative results at the end of the week astounded me:  over 314 miles of activity, with each woman accumulating between 40 and 60 miles each.  

One of the ladies even commented at the end of the week that she was "craving" more activity.  She felt the need to move her body.  This was the endorphin high that comes with satisfying bouts of exercise.  And this is the exact result that I was looking for in our group.  The trip was about exercise "overload".  I intentionally wanted to create a "metabolic burn" that was higher than their normal level of activity to jump start them onto a new way of activity.  We discussed how they could incorporate this into their daily lives when they returned home.


I shopped for the groceries for the entire group, opting for foods that fit my specific guidelines:  foods had to be nourishing, had to be colorful, could not be processed, and would not include any added sugar of any kind.  My goal was not to restrict calories at all, but was simply to supply them with healthy food.  My grocery list was simple:

fresh fruits
fresh vegetables
fresh fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, eggs
organic milk, cheese, butter and greek yogurt
seeds and nuts
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt/pepper
100% juice, club soda, coffee
red quinoa, black rice

Breakfasts consisted of a bowl of fresh fruit and greek yogurt, topped with nuts/seeds, or eggs served scrambled or in an omelet
Lunches consisted of beautiful organic chopped salads with chicken, nuts, veggies, and leftover rice or quinoa
Dinners were amazing creations of salmon, red quinoa and broccoli, tilapia with black rice and squash, and spaghetti squash with meatballs and fresh tomatoes and basil
"Cocktails" were created with juice, club soda and a slash of lemon or lime
Sorbets were served for dessert with frozen fruit (strawberries) and a squeeze of lime

All together, none of the participants mentioned being hungry.  In fact, many of them said they felt "stuffed".  I encouraged them to eat as much fruits and vegetables as they wanted.  This was not about restriction, but fueling for nourishment and the body's well being.


After the dishes were cleared and the kitchen cleaned up, we reconvened for some additional discussion.  On our first night, asked the ladies to write down a dozen questions they had about health, exercise or nutrition.  These "post-it notes" became the cornerstone for our evening discussions.  We discussed everything from eliminating belly fat and exercises for bad backs, to eating for better health and overcoming a lack of motivation to exercise.  

As a final surprise, my gift to them, each of the ladies left with a personalized training plan, matching their goals with exercises that they could accomplish at home.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention weight loss:  yes, as a whole, the group lost weight!  This was a direct result of more activity and better healthful eating.

"Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for everything!  I have had such a great week - it has exceeded my expectations!"  Joanne, Northbrook, IL
"Kathy - Thanks for all the encouragement and information.  This was both a wonderful experience and an eye-opener!  I look forward to continuing my journey to strength and good health." Donna, Naperville, IL
"Kathy, thank you so much for my jump start.  I really didn't think I could do one of your trips, but you were patient.  I'm already looking forward to the next trip."  Cathy, Glenview, IL

I'm proud of these ladies, for what they accomplished during this week, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and vowing to continue their journey on a healthy active life.  For information on this trip for next year, please visit, or check out the video.

365fitt is about training for the event called LIFE, focusing on physical, nutritional and emotional wellness through lifestyle adaptations.  Kathy is available for personal training and wellness consultations and corporate wellness.  365fitt invites you to participate in a Healthy Active Living trip to incredible destinations.  Please visit 365fitt for more information.  Live 365fitt!

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